I highly recommend Rod Hartman and he crew for the excellent work that they do. We used him and his crew for several projects and were completely satisfied. Initially, they replaced our roof. The work was done within a day. They also added a radiant barrier to our attic space. It made a big difference in making our upstairs more comfortable, especially in the summer—There are no more hot spots. Finally we had them finish out some attic space for us. All of the work was done quickly and professionally. We were most impressed with the fact that Rod does what he says he is going to do in a timely and efficient manner.

Scott May

I recently had my roof replaced by Rod Hartman with Radiant Roofing Solutions Atlanta. After recommendations from a neighbor whose roof had been replaced by Rod, I contacted him for the work on my own roof. This was without a doubt the easiest and most satisfying experience I’ve had with any kind of work I have had done in the past. He helped with the best materials for the job along with the perfect color. He and his crew came on time when expected, completed the work in one day – very polite and cleared off all trash. I would highly recommend Rod and his company for any roofing project.

P. Moore
Sandy Springs

“Outstanding service! Rod and his team have come out a few times well past the time the roof was done to validate that other work we had done did not cause any damage to the roof”.

Dan & Ania McBreen

In 2013 I purchased a 3,800 sf, 3-story home built in 1963 with one AC/Furnace supply unit. Soon after moving in, as summer approached, I noticed I could not cool the 3rd level of the house adequately. Rod suggested Radiant Barrier. After installation, I noticed several things:
• There was a marked difference in temperature comfort and balance throughout all three floors
• I saw a decrease in my Ga Power bill
• My AC Unit ran much less which is beneficial in extending the life of the unit

So when I purchased my 3-story townhome in May 2017, the first thing I did was contact Rod to have Radiant Barrier placed in the roof. Again, I felt a noticeable difference in room temperature on the top level.

I wouldn’t hesitate for one second to recommend not only this product, but also Rod and his expertise in this field.

Carol Hunsaker
Sandy Springs, Ga 30342

While we don’t yet have enough months to compare before/after, I can say the temperature in the attics have remained within 10 degrees of the outside temp (see below). In addition, it is difficult to compare electric bills since this summer has been 90 degrees every day, while last year it was not equally as hot every day.
However, before the radiant barrier, the attic was 130-145 degrees, after the installation, when it was 90 outside, it was only 100 in the attic. This represents the 10 degrees difference you mentioned that the radiant barrier would provide. In addition, my wife has mentioned numerous times the “house” sure feels cooler. And that is in a summer where we had 2-3 months of 90 degrees each day.
Bill Olevitch

Since the summer is nearly over, I have looked at my Georgia Power bills through June comparing 2016 pre-radiant barrier to 2017 post-radiant barrier. The savings averaged 28% month or about $56/mo However, in June, the first full “summer” month, the savings was $286 (2016 $425/2017 $139).

The ROI is certainly there, not the least is the comfort my wife expresses she feels daily.

Bill Olevitch
Sandy Springs

I wanted to thank those who recommended Rod Hartman for roof work and to add my endorsement. He installed a new roof on our home and it looks great. His was the lowest estimate we received and his crew was professional and efficient and did a great clean up after. Plus Rod is a really nice guy.
Vicki McGinty
Atlanta, Ga

Rod has so many good recommendations on his web site that he hardly needs another one. Nevertheless, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t give him my heartfelt endorsement. When Rod installed a new roof on Mother’s house at the Lake he also installed radiant barrier (no small feat as it is a house with no attic and a peak roof). Heating and cooling this house has always been a problem (for 50 years!). No longer. It was instantly so much cooler in the house and we haven’t had to use the A/C until this past week. We were so impressed with Radiant Barrier that we had Rod put it into our house in Sandy Springs. Our upstairs is soooo much cooler and the A/C doesn’t’ work nearly as hard to keep the house temperature where we set it. I am looking forward to some electrical bill savings this summer.

Rod is also an extremely nice person and I have enjoyed meeting him and having him work on the houses. His crews are nice and they never leave a mess. I found Rod, because I was researching Radiant Barrier and spoke to Lou in Houston, TX where it was made. Lou gave me Rod’s number and I am glad that he did. It has been a good experience in every way – New roof, Cool house, Great new source for all things roof related. Win, Win.
Lynne Jones – 06/14/16
Sandy Springs, Ga

Rod installed radiant barrier in our attic 3 years ago and replaced our roof last fall. The radiant barrier has made a big difference in the temperature of the attic and had reduced our electric bill by 30%. We are no longer worried about heat damage on things stored in the attic. When you open the door to the attic stairs you are no longer hit by a blast of very hot air in the summer or cold air in the winter.
We are thrilled by the difference the barrier has made.
The roof was replaced and gutters reinstalled professionally. Again we were very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Rod to everyone.
John and Becky Spotts

My name is David H Jenkins, and I have been a friend and have worked with Rod for over 20 years. We have a long relationship because every job I’ve put him on, he does an excellent job. He is skilled at working rooflines and the way they come together. I’ve seen very few carpenters who can do that without blueprints. In the past, I’ve had to lend him off of work he was doing for me to let him help other architects and builders to show them how to run rooflines correctly.
Rod is a very up and pleasant guy to work with. His attitude has always been positive and ready to take on any challenge. He’s one of the few people that I’ve worked with over the years who I sincerely trust. He is skilled in many ways and has done a lot of work for me through the years. I am retired, but when Rod worked with me, we worked in Buckhead and the Ansley Park area. I take pride in everything I do, and Rod has always been there to help me deliver on my promises to my clients.
If you would like to have any more information on Rod, don’t hesitate to call me at 678-207-7170.
David H. Jenkins

Rod Hartman and his crew put a new roof on my home and did other repairs for me. I was absolutely pleased with Rod and his crew. They were timely, professional, helpful, and reasonably priced. I have recommended Rod to many of my friends and they were happy with his work. I would recommend Rod without hesitation.
Margaret McClatchey

Thank you for all your efforts at my home – it looks great. Great price and now I am saving 25% on my power bill!
You’re the best,
P.S. Have anyone call me if they want to hear what I have to say –
Brett Hunsaker
Executive Vice President, Regional Managing Director
Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
3424 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite #800
Atlanta, GA 30326
T 770.552.2444
M 404.798.6327
[email protected]
Newmark Knight Frank

Rod did a bang up job of installing Radiant barrier in my attic. I had initially done half the attic myself and it helped some, but it started loosening up a year later. Rod finished it off professionally and it’s been 2 summers now and it’s made a huge difference.
I spoke to a lot of installers and most wanted to take the easy way off and simply lay it on the floor which would have left the heat in the attic – where the cooling ducts are!! Rod installed it on the rafters which prevents the radiation from even getting into the attic.
It’s been two years now. Last year was not a hot summer so I couldn’t completely see how effective it was. But 2015 has been a scorcher. My electricity bills would top $400 three months every summer. So far, the highest it’s been is $315. I haven’t got the July bill yet, but I don’t expect it to get much higher. But more that the money, it’s the lack of discomfort that’s really telling.
I can’t recommend this simple fix highly enough and I can’t think of anyone better than Rod to implement it.
Milind Rao

Rod Hartman and his crew did a new roof for us in 2013. We have been very pleased. The roof was stripped down to the deck and some of the decking was replaced also. A ridge vent was put in and the gutters were rehung.
He did an excellent job in a very timely manner. He has also replaced the roof for our son’s house along with that of several outbuildings. He has done similar work for many of our friends and neighbors.
We have worked with Rod since 2008 on many home projects.
He has done both repairs and new construction. We have found his prices to be fair and reasonable and his work very professional.
He has been timely in his work and truly goes the extra mile to please his customers.
Rod has been a pleasure to work with and we would recommend him without hesitation.
Mary and Dick Holmes
McClatchey Circle
Atlanta, Ga.

I am long time home owner in Atlanta so very aware of the extremely hot Summers.
My two story open floor plan with vaulted ceiling to 2nd floor only increased the problem.
I had hot air rising from the 1st floor and my attic literally cooking my upstairs ceilings from 6-8 hours of direct 90degree sunlight.
The temperatures in my attic would reach 135-145F degrees on a 95F day….which also was heating the fiberglass insulation in my attic. While my house has two high efficiency HVAC units the combination of the above meant the upstairs A/C had no chance to cool the upstairs……the duct work runs right through the attic. I could run the upstairs A/C for hours and in the evening the temps would not cool down until midnight. My electric bill was off the chart and the upstairs became almost unusable.
So, I did my research…..more Fiberglass ?….this was not addressing the problem. Foam the inside of the roof decking boards ? ……messy, toxic, not to mention very expensive. The answer was Radiant Barrier.
If you read how it works in simple form it bounces the radiated heat coming thru the roof into your attic back into the channels the installers create and the hot air is pushed up and out the roof vents. Does it work ? ………after installation my attic temp went down to 95F on a 90F day…..that is about a 30-40 degree drop !!!!! Going into the attic it was unbelievable……prior to this you couldn’t stay in there any length of time. How did it affect my HVAC….well now the upstairs HVAC runs and easily cools the upstairs and at night actually does not run have to very much….nice !!!
I tracked my bills prior and after and it saved me about 40% on my power bill which paid for the Radiant Barrier & the new larger soffits I had put in after 18 months. After three years still going strong…..the house cools, the A/Cs run at normal levels and my neighbors complain about $500+ monthly utility bills……not me….I’m happy camper.
Eric Koch
BITS Territory Manager
(desk/direct) (678) 249-3469
(cell phone) (770) 605-6943

“As you can see I am a previous customer of Rod’s with Radiant Barrier.
So, like any homeowner with good experience I hired Rod to put new roof on my house.
Rod spent a lot of time explaining different shingle types, pros & cons, example houses for color/style, etc.
Also, my house has very steep roof angles as well as many valleys that in past have been problematic for leaks.
Rod’s crew not only dealt with all those items easily but used synthetic paper & extra flashing in problem areas.
They also added extra roof vents where need to help out with heat.
The crew completed this very large job in just two days while keeping things clean and non-destructive to my house.
Other roofers I’ve had in past have damaged gutters or created issues I had to deal with after completion of job.
Rod’s crew cleaned up everything and left the site completely as it looked prior to their start.
They did a very high quality job at a very reasonable price.
There are a lot of roofing companies out there………remember this is something that you will live with for 20—30 years,
so making the right choice is key. Selecting Rod is the right way to go.

Thx Rod !”
Eric Koch

I found Rod’s name through a neighborhood email reference for construction and a handyman. I just purchased a very old house with a lot of major issues. From the first day he came to do some work for me until the last time I saw him a few weeks ago (4 years later) , I have experienced nothing but a very skilled, knowledgeable, friendly, trustworthy man to entrust my house to. He has taken care of every kind of problem from a getting a new roof to a major drainage system on my property to painting rooms to changing a lock. He has been very fair with his estimates, has always had a strong work ethic and a pleasant personality to have around. I have nothing but high praise for him and his work and I’d trust him with any task at hand.
Lila Campbell

I live in a 1962 split level that was originally built without central air conditioning. As a result, the top floor of the split level was almost impossible to cool during the summer – until I had the Radiant Barrier installed. Having the Radiant Barrier has made a tremendous difference. We no longer have to continuously run fans upstairs in order to make the temperature bearable – and I have seen a noticeable drop in power bills. In addition, I recently added a sunroom to my house and included Radiant Barrier. The room has no direct heating and cooling vents, but with the Radiant Barrier the room’s temperature is completely comfortable year round. I am very pleased and satisfied with my decision to install Radiant Barrier throughout my home.

I moved to Fayetteville, Georgia in August 2014. After paying my first few power bills I knew I needed to do something to reduce these charges. At my previous home in South Carolina I had radiant barrier installed at the suggestion of a neighbor who had done so and was very pleased with the results. I was amazed at the difference the barrier made with the temperature in my home as well as the reduction in the power bills. As a matter of fact, when the power company would send the statement that included a chart of where my home stood in energy efficiency it ranked at the top of the charts.
My neighbors in Fayetteville had been getting estimates for radiant barrier and chose Rod Hartman with Radiant Roofing Solutions to do the installation for them. They were so pleased that not only did I have the barrier installed in my home but my sister and brother-in-law who live next door also had the barrier installed in their home. I was very pleased with the workmanship performed by Radiant Roofing Solutions and the resulting decrease in utility bills.
Donna L. Bailey
[email protected]

Rod Hartman put Radiant Barrier in my attic, and on a 93 degree July afternoon in Atlanta
my attic was 95.5. Now I’m able to use my attic for more storage. Rod is fair and professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend him and his services.
Jennifer, Atlanta

Rod and his staff were timely, professional and flexible to accommodate the other minor repairs involved in roofing our house. He showed up and finished on time and beneath our budget for the roofing. We are pleased with the roof and have subsequently had Rod help us with other home improvement projects since that time. The radiant barrier project has been a great surprise. While initially skeptical, it has made our house far more comfortable this summer and we are running the a/c less. The upstairs no longer gets warm despite both units located in the attic. Very smart investment in our house.
David and Karla Shore

To Whom it may concern:
Rod Hartman installed our Radiant Barrier System in April, 20012. It has worked well and has saved up quite a few dollars since.
Shirley and I recommend Him with out any hesitation. He is easy to work with and does a great job.
Shirley and Tom Lukens
Summer Grove

My story began in Home Depot looking for an attic fan when my electrician said to me, this is the stuff you need to put into your attic. This Radiant Barrier. I never heard anything about it, so I went to the service desk to get more information about it. The girl at the desk had very little on it. I made an appointment with their rep, and upon his arrival, he did not want to talk about radiant barrier. He only explained how spraying insulation in my attic could be beneficial for me. He later said that I could install that myself. I was only able to find two companies that install Radiant Barrier and only one company called me back.(Radiant Roofing Solutions)Rod Hartman came out and explained it to me and later installed the product. I was skeptical, but two days after installation my house cooled down about 10°. I strongly recommend that you try it.
Carl Mobley

We own several properties, and whenever we need a new roof, repairs or improvements (inside or out) we always contact Rod Hartman. He and his team are always on time, do excellent work and leave the work space clean. They have exceeded expectations every time, and when we have put jobs out to bid, Rod has been the lowest cost provider. There is no better quality for the money, I strongly recommend their work.
Steve Travis

Rod Hartman and his team did a great job with my new roof. They completed the job quickly and the quality of the work was very good. I found Rod’s pricing very competitive and I would highly recommend him for roofing services.
Berney Crane

Rod and his team are extremely professional and efficient. Rod responded to our request for a quote on a new roof in a very timely manner and coordinated the installation in no time. I know other homes in our neighborhood that used Rod for their roof repair/replacement and were also very happy and pleased with his service. I would give Rod and his team an A+ for quality of work and professionalism. His price was also extremely competitive with other quotes. I would absolutely recommend Rod and his team if you are looking to install a new roof or have roof repairs.

I first met Rod Hartman, as a referral thru my real estate agent over 20 years ago. He successfully completed a complex master bedroom/ bath design build project for me on a turn of the century house. It was gorgeous, and Rod was wonderful to work with throughout the design and construction phases of the project.
Most recently, Rod put a new roof on my house. The job was done in just a day or two while I was out of town, and it went off without a hitch. Additionally I got three quotes, and his was the most economical. I have no reservations highly recommending Rod Hartman for a simple roof , or a more complex design build project.

Anita Best CFB
Find Your Franchise Inc.
Member of IFPG
Member of the Franchise Brokers Association
[email protected]
Skype: anitalouisebest

Mr. Hartman installed Radiant Barrier in our home within the last year. He was professional and courteous. We were initially skeptical, but discovered immediate results.

Our area often loses power during summer rain storms. Once radiant barrier was installed, our home was definitely cooler during the outages. I also notice when we have power, the AC isn’t running as frequently, which also means we use less power.

Adrienne C Holmes
4115 Glen Devon Drive NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

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