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NASA knew they could not insulate spacecraft from solar heat, so they used a thin Radiant Barrier to reflect the heat. Radiant Barrier, properly installed, reflects summer heat from entering your home, and keeps warmth inside in the cold winter months. It also extends the life of your HVAC equipment, gives clean, cool attic storage and insurance against future utility rate increases. The temperatures in different rooms of your home are even, providing increased comfort. And, best of all, our happy customers verify the system pays for itself in two to four years with energy savings

While every home needs a certain amount of insulation, attempting to control heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter solely with insulation is futile and very expensive. Insulation is similar to a sponge. If you pour water onto a sponge, it absorbs the water for a while, but inevitably it saturates the sponge and leaks through. You would never attempt to fix a roof leak by packing your attic full of sponges. It would keep the water out for a while, but eventually leak through. Similarly, insulation stores attic heat to it's capacity, (thermal resistance, or R-Value) then radiates that heat through the ceiling and into your living space.

Then, costly energy is used to extract that heat through the HVAC system and back outside the home. Radiant Barrier, on the other hand, reflects the infrared heat and prevents it from ever entering your home. This happens with no operating cost. It is clean and non-toxic.


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